Kalamunda CofC

I preached at Kalamunda on Sunday, they have a historic link with my old haunting ground at Whitford…link as in many of their girls married many of our guys! It was something in the water for a while.
I did a talk along the lines of community mission, like “get out of the church”, stop thinking the game is in here, this is the change room! Stop hanging around here like it’s where the action is anymore than the action is in the AFL change rooms. (Keith Farmer illustration, it works for me!)
I enjoyed it, in fact my great grandfather used to preach there when they first started the church, funny, odd, strange, surreal…


11 thoughts on “Kalamunda CofC

  1. yeah – i was one of the lucky guys who snagged a kala girl! although with most of the guys from there wearing flannelette shirts 24/7 and grooming facial hair from about the age of 6, i think it might have been a easy choice for some of the girls to flee the hills 😉

    lucky you didn’t get asked to preach in winter – the first 6 rows of people bring their picnic rugs to wrap themselves in – it gets COLD!

  2. So you never had facial hair or wore a flannelette shirt when Tam was chasing you? I though that’s what she told me attracted her to you! Or was it your promise of how well you could ride sidesaddle on her Dad’s tractor…or how well you handle a gun on other people animals…lets face it, there was something very ferral and ‘rural’ about you that attracted a ‘country’ gal!

  3. Hmmm… Flannelette Shirts eh? And grooming facial hair at 6? Not in my recollection…
    If I didn’t know you and know that it’s actually not true I could take real offence at that last comment Matt. It’s funny that you think of Kala in that way, although you might have been around before I was there, old man… 😉
    They’ve actually installed heaters now…
    Oh, and last time I checked, isn’t Kala part of the metro area?

    Hmph… Country indeed…

  4. admitedly, i was around a long time ago Craig, but images of the kala guys peeing out of the back of a ute on the way to SYG are hard to erase – LOL

  5. Tam here,the Kala girl that fled the hills- well not fled, maybe was enticed to the ocean life.

    My memories of Kala are all great (in defence to all my fellow hills people) but I must admit there was alot of tight dark denim jeans and one or two flannelette shirts. Also, lots of basketball and bush dancing opportunites as well.

    I loved the community that we had and often long for that again.

  6. We were watching you guys, jealous as anything! LOL

    I really miss the community we had up there at Kala as well. Really great times, really great people… I’ve lost contact with so many now, dunno where we’ve all got to. Some I know overseas… I guess we all have to move on I suppose. =)

  7. Well, I’d just like to say, as a non-Kala girl who was blessed to find a wonderful Kala guy, I think some of the girls up at Kala didn’t see what wonderful guys they had in their own church and probably didn’t realise how special so many of them were/are. I have heaps of great guy friends who I met in the time I was at Kala and I married one of them. Maybe sometimes we need to realise just how fantastic the people in our lives are. I pray that everyone finds someone to spend their lives with who will encourage them to be everything God calls them to be and support them in their pursuit of God’s will for their lives.

  8. Oh boy now the wives are coming into the ring, do we need to beiing in some of my non-violent activist mates to sort this out or are we all still loving one another!!
    I know that Mr Udderendup had his tongue in his check when he started this…or was it his wife’s? Can you say that?

  9. Tongue firmly planted in cheek… Check.
    Sense of humour… Check.
    Sense of love still in the room…
    No worries…

  10. Definitely all with a great sense of humour. Just had to add my piece that’s all… 🙂

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