New Family Members

Well they have arrived…3 new add-ons to our family of 8 (that’s 5 humans, 2 crazy crabs and Max the dog). Now we have 3 “Isabrown” chickens.
Chook1, Chook2 and Chook3…until further id is available…and the kids don’t stop changing their minds about what to call them.
It’s all part of a bigger plan to go fully ferral, with dreadlocks just like my good mate ‘J’ and grow our own organic veggies and have solar pannels and rain water tanks and hairy legs…oh I already got them! Trust me I will have the last laugh, while you all are wondering how to fill your thirsty cars up at $10 a litre and pay for your fruit and veg at $400 per week, I will will be turning my soil and riding my scooter, my kids will be running naked around in the backyard and my wife will be pregnant with #16…oh not possible…over-did the stereotype right?


5 thoughts on “New Family Members

  1. We have 4 chickens… cause we live out in them there hills round Armadale. we couldn’t settle on any names so they are collectivly called The Girls.

  2. chickens eh? dont tell kristy or she will be drawning up plans for a chicken coup…..still im afraid the dogs might take a liking to fresh meat if we have chickens around…

  3. I just had a hankering for Chicken Treat ! Hmmm, them chickens would look great in a warm roll with extra mayo I reckon 🙂 (ps: don’t tell your girls !!)

  4. Scotty you don’t have to be embarrassed to you the full name of your mate ‘J’ on your website. I think it’s great this ‘J’ guy is why you want to live the gospel on the land, be good to God’s creation, and live a radical alternative to the ways of violence, greed, ecological destruction and even let your haircut drop out of consumer culture. Say it loud and say it proud! Scott’s ‘J’ mate is… JESUS!

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