Bike Licence

Funny thing happened on the way to work today…

I had an hour to kill before my first appointment, so I thought I would bight the bullet and get my learners permit. The livencing branch has a wide reputation for mammoth waiting periods so I took my copy of the latest issue of the excellent Aussie scooter mag “Two Wheels – Scooter“. When I got there and took my little electronic ticket for the call up, I remembered I had not looked at all the questions they ask you for the written test, so I grabbed a copy and opened it up to start ‘cramming’ when they called my up! Woops, that was too quick.

She asked for my car licence, entered my details, she looked up and said, “You already have a learners permit for a bike, you got it in 2001″

I was hard pushed to remember, but stretched my mind back far enough to remember a time I was set on getting a scooter once before…but never booked a test. Then came the classic…she said, “Oh look at this, your learners permit expires tomorrow, I can renew it now at no cost, without the need for a test and it will last you another year” and then added, “I think someone up there is looking after you today!”

Well, there you go! Just saved myself $53.33. If I had waited one more day, after 5 years I would have to have sat the test and paid the money…now…there really is a God!

The licence test is not until August! That is just how many people are trying to get bike licences these days, unbelievable!


2 thoughts on “Bike Licence

  1. I said, “oh Him, yes I know Him and He knows me quite well, I often find He is doing little things that remind me He is around”
    She smiled and chuckled and left it there.

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