My Backyard

You know, one day I would like to start a blog called just that – “My backyard”. It would have stories of sheds, building stuff out of wood and metal, it would have pictures of great sheds and projects I and others attempt and ideas for people, like how to make a great compost heap or look after your chooks … if in fact you are allowed to keep chooks in your suburb, which, so I discover – we are! So I am building a top looking chook shed and finding 3 chooks from somewhere. Free eggs! But I think my worms will miss out on some food, unless you live near me and want to donate your food scraps ?
In other “shed news” I built a small cabinet for Christine’s Creative Memories photo albums. It is a hobby/business of her’s and these photo albums were starting to crowd out some of my book shelves (these bookshelves were a project I did some years ago…for Christine actually, so I guess it is her right to use those shelves however she wants…but hey they are book shelves, not photo album shelves!). Now she has a little unit just for albums. I will put a picture of this here and later on I will post about the chook pen, maybe once there are chooks in it! But today I will head out there to see if I can (re) make the gate…it fell apart yesterday, my first attempt at biscuit joins!


2 thoughts on “My Backyard

  1. Shed talk… I can’t wait. I just cleaned my shed out so now I can get into it. Who knows Scott… “My Backyard” might just take off. In fact, I think I will go right now and see if my wirless networks reaches my shed. Just imagine…

  2. Mine drops out just before the shed, but I have sat in my shed and watched movies on the big screen with a projector on a freezing night with a little blower heater – Christine had a girls night in the house!
    Love to hear some shed stories and see some pictures, you could become a regular contributer to a currently non-existent blog!

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