Advertising on the Blog?

Yes you may have noticed that I have played with my blog over the ‘lent fast’. The ads on this blog are really just teasers/testers. I played with them while I was setting up my first attempt at comercial blogging…well a pretty lame attempt at making some money off a blog found here. I was learning lots about code and stuff while setting it up, always in for some new learning…as Monty Python best puts it, “this new learning amazes me Sir Bedavire, tell me again how sheep’s bladders can be used to prevent earthquakes”
As otherendup knows oh so well, I do tend to get a little obsessed with something when it gets under my skin. One thing I have always lived by – “Balance is going to all extreems at equal measure”! Not sure this has helped me in too many situations, but I enjoy the little ‘flings’ into obession…no doubt like a drug addict or alcoholic enjoys his/her little swings into oblivion!! Oh well, God will form me – slowly!

The reason I have placed some adds on the blogs is obviously to make money, I would like to buy a scooter one day and you can help me if you like. You are welcome to click on the ads and peruse the wonderful collection of products and services available to you from Google and other fine companies…aghh commercialism…sold out right??
I have spent a fair bit of time looking through Darren’s stuff at Problogger there are some old comments there from Hamo that made me think a bit regarding advertising, especially on a generic ‘life centred’ blog like this one. The tendancy is to blog with the ads in mind, which by the way you are meant to do on a blog like Scooter Snoop , but I do want to retain this as a ‘natural’ type feel as possible. This is why I moved the ad that was at the top of the page down off to the left hand side.
I would like to start a few other blogs on different topics that appear on this one more frequently, my backyard and woodwork being one of them, maybe ‘books people read’, maybe one on some of the adventures people get up to when they go bush on foot…who knows, these are just some ideas I have along the lines of thematic blogs that could attract advertising dollars and be a creative outlet at the same time. Scooter Snoop is a kind of experiement and will continue to be so as I learn about both how to use Word Press as well as understand how to attract people to a website via searches, keywords etc.
Anyway, I am not about to start selling you Amway…trust me! By the way could I come round to your house and share a great business opportunity with you????


2 thoughts on “Advertising on the Blog?

  1. Well done Mr Vawser. I’m very impressed. No doubt the till is ringing off the hook and you’re about to retire tomorrow on a wage that makes Mr Fong’s look like loose change.

    All the best with it. It’s going to be a great site.

  2. Thanks Stu, Well it’s not rining off the till yet…but here’s hoping! Maybe I will get a BMW instead of a Vespa!!

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