It’s Time

Time to return to the blog, but also time for bed. So I will see you again soon!
The blog is back. (By the way so is Scooter Snoop!)

So much to say, where do I start, I need a few days off just to tell you what’s been going on.
I do have a few days off but I will be chasing sheep up at the farm
Hey I must pop in a photo from our Joondalup thing serice of the shadows last night. It was such a good night. I will just go for the creative one.
Have to be up early, we are doing a stations of the cross in the morning at dawn!


5 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. hey vaws, good to see you back, candles and all. just waned to say a public ta for time you gave our young adults in Feb. They’re still talking about loving each other like Christ has loved us as evangelism… And the kingdome.

    ps. this 4 years is going slow… but sun pm’s are all mixed up now… i dunno

  2. At first I thought it was a picture of your birthday cake… but I counted the candles and realized I had made a mistake. Good to have you back online. The world is once again a more interesting place.

  3. Hi there all. Yes, it is good to be back in the land of the blogging, aint it odd the way we all keep in touch. I kinda like it. I had the opportunity to reflect a bit about blogging and motives and comments and ego and earning dollars off a blog – etc etc. I must make a post on these thoughts.

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