17 thoughts on “Off For Lent

  1. Maybe you could post a large picture of a TV test pattern until you return.

    “We apologise for this break in transmission. We will return to normal programming as soon as possible.”

  2. Can someone please explain to me the significance of fasting over lent, i did go to bible college but have come up empty with an immediate response???

  3. Hey Bergs – I was wondering the same thing.

    (I haven’t been to Bible College though, but I have still searched the scriptures to try and find some significance….)

  4. could someone please explain to me the significance of people sitting in rows drinking grapejuice out off little plastic cups and eating tiny morsels of broken craker?

    o… that’s right. it’s a religious tradition that we invented.

  5. ps for the record i partake in both the tradition of communion and lent. I remember as a kid the first time a saw the famous painting ‘The Lord’s Supper’ and wondered ‘o my goodness… is that what we’re suppose to be doing when we have communion?’. i wonder if the current format of communion shows that we have missed the point.

    should the little plastic cups and tiny morsels of cracker be abandoned? in my church expereince this tradition was often the only quiet reflective time in the service and became very meaningful to me. i don’t think God minds the little plastic cups … even if it’s not quite what he had in mind when he said, “remember me”

    (which is the same reason i join with chirstians from around the world in Lent.)

  6. hey bergs – not sure if you’ll check back here with vaws blog being on fast – but i’m led to believe the fasting component of the lent season has to do with jesus’ experience of fasting for 40 days in the desert (hence the time of 40 days for lent).

    like charlie alluded to, like most of our church practises, lent revolves around traditions of the early church, not necessarily actual guidelines from the bible.

    speaking of your bible college experience – did PBC spend much time on the early christian traditions followed by many of the more traditional denominations like Catholic, Anglican, Uniting and orthodox???

  7. One of the origins of lent is the a fast for the new disciples prior to their Baptism on Easter Sunday. The church took discipleship so seriously that the participants took years to prepare and the church would identify and encourage them with prayer intercession and Fasting.

    No messing around.

    There are other Traditions developed around Lent but I cant recall the specifics and dont have time to write much now. The origins of the theology are found the catholic, Roman Catholic and then higher protestant movements. Evangelical tended to discard these traditions to because they didn’t appear in the New testamnet church.

    I agree that lent can be treated as a law but so can worship leading “excellence”…

    I think there is a treasure of theology found in traditions

    Big Dave

  8. So lent isn’t the fluff that collects in your belly button!

    Is Vaws allowed to read his blog when he is fasting???

  9. that’s about right. just when i add you to my bloggers list, so others can read your awesome words of wisdom you nick off for forty days.

  10. does changing your blog around and adding ads still qualify as a fast from blogging – sneaky boy????

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