Seven Ancient Wonders

My good mate Neale M (VIC) and I share an obsession with an author Matthew Reilly.
I have just fininshed his latest “Seven Ancient Wonders“. A fast moving action packed killer, thriller. If they ever make a movie of this (like they are attempting with ‘Contest’ his first novel) you have to go see it. It’s like a Jason Borne kind of totally unbelievable (literally) story line. Grapling hooks, jumbo jets that have been custimised to hover, double decker busses that roll down hills and fall back on their wheels and keep driving and so on.

All in all, it’s a good break from … well … everything really, it’s light fun and fast!


5 thoughts on “Seven Ancient Wonders

  1. Big Dave, great recommendation, it is gold. Also, along with Contest, rumoured to be made into a movie at some point.

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