Fire In Joondalup

Right now as I look out my window I see a huge hellicopter decending upon our quiet lake (Blue Mt Lake).
There is a big bush fire at the end of Blue Mtn Dve and they are using ‘our’ lake to fill their tanks. 4 hellicopters in all, they do a little circit.
There must be close to 400 people standing around the lake, all watching and taking photos and chatting.
I got to talk to a neighbour who I have wanted to chat with for ages. Her kids are always at our house but we have never connected. Turns out her partner has been out of work for 2 months due to a road accident , they have run out of everything. Tough to know what to do. I offer assistance, and Aussie pride (I guess) takes over and she says ‘no it’s not so bad, I have family’. But I get the feeling she really could do with some help. But now what do I do? She knows that any ‘surprises’ at the front door from our “Joondalup Thing Crew” will be from us…maybe we just take it as a good opportunity to build some relationship, no ‘gifts’ though? Hmmm.


3 thoughts on “Fire In Joondalup

  1. I DID do what I technically call a “cluster count” (as used in rock concerts and evangelical churches all over the western world, where big is honoured as best) and I saw with me own eyes, at least 150 on my little corner of the lake!! An I will have you know, I wrote 500 first and trimmed it by 100!!
    Ok I will drop it to 350 but no less!!

  2. Leave the anomymnous(?)gift. We get so worried about Aussie pride and saving face. If She can’t pin it back to you, who loses.
    What worse… Do something that blesses and maybe cop flack for a little while or do nothing… Leave a your neighbour a food parcel on her door step and do a runner!

    Most people say they’ll be right but if something practical is given, generally don’t refuse it.

    Big Dave

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