Christi-Anarchy – Good Read

Christi-Anarchy /kristiaeneki/ n. a Christlike life; lifetsyle characterized by the radical, non-violent, sacrificial compassion of Jesus Christ; a way of life distinguished by commitment to love and to justice; working from the bottom up to empower people, particularly the marginalized and disadvantaged, so as to enable them to realize their potential as men and women made in the image of God, through self-directed and other-oriented intentional community groups and organizations; from Christi – ‘Christ’ – and anarche – ‘against the powers’, as in ‘the principalities and powers’.

Book by Dave Andrews


2 thoughts on “Christi-Anarchy – Good Read

  1. Great read! It’s great not just for Christians but for people seeking. Other than the Gospels this is the book I give to activist mates who start asking to read stuff about the Peace Tree’s take on Christianity. Highly recommend! With ‘Mere Discipleship’ (by Lee Camp) I think this book should be required reading for what it is to be a disciple in today’s world.

  2. I agree with Jarrod on recommending these books to people wherever they are on the journey. I am reading ‘Mere Discipleship’ at the moment and am getting alot out it.

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