Room With A View

Yes the camp I spoke at in Coolum QLD went well. I spoke on “Kingdom” stuff. Talked about how we tend to live in the Kingdome (used The Truman Show video) instead of the Kingdom. We need to sail to the edge of the world as we know it, step outside of the Church walls and start living like Jesus…who visited the churches but never desired to live in them. I had a good time. It was not my normal style, I normally go in fully scripted. This time ai had a few notes in a couple of spiral note books and spoke a lot out of where I am at with my own thinking – dangerous stuff, especially when I am reading Dave Andrews “Christi-Anarchy” at the moment. One girl came up and asked if I knew anyting of Unoh, Ash Barker or Dave Andrews – perceptive!
This picture is the view from my room, looking over Coolum beach headland, stunning!
Spent the Sat arvo surfing at the main break, the life savers are Nazi about being between the flags! Great time in the surf, better than anywhere else with the humidity!! I have never spent 3 days just sweating the whole time, yuck.
I was meant to fly out on Thursday evening at 7.10, Mum dropped me at the airport, as she pulls in she comments about how few cars there were there. I look in the terminal and notice not a single person around…Turns out it was 1710, not 7.10pm ! Woops, so a midnight flight instead!
Randy Edwards picked me up. He runs a small church group called Pathways. We spent the day at his unit in the city chatting all about what was happening with them, what their structure looks like, how they do leadership etc etc. What was nice was the huge resort pool in the centre of his complex, it had its own beach! Nice way to spend an hour in sticky Brisbane!
I flew home Sunday arvo, called in to see my good buddy Neale M in Melbourne, it was his birthday so I shouted him a nice gourmey pizza and Crowny over at the international terminal. He is one of the best that guy!
Speaking of great mates, matty B picked me up late Sunday night from the airport, dropped me off in time for a quick sleep, an early morning unpack, repack and pick up in time for the 9am start for ACOM Personal Formation Retreat. Posted by Picasa


One thought on “Room With A View

  1. Good stuff, hope you had a good time with BenZ I miss that guy so much!

    Also good usage of the Truman show, probably my favorite movie to show. On DTS’s its always inspires a lot of people to sail away from the lies they’ve accepted.

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