Name and Claim it??

I have to confess, I am fairly partial to a small addition to my life.
Not sure I have the money…very sure I don’t have a licence!!

Vespa GTS 250 i.e.

6 thoughts on “Name and Claim it??

  1. Can’t you ride these with a ‘normal’ ‘C’ class (used to be an ‘A’ class) licence. Or is it less a case of legality and more one of ability/agility. I would it Vernon the Vespar. (ha, ha, ha)

  2. just come to mae sot.
    no licence required
    no helmut required
    no age limit (both ways)
    no maximum number of passengers limit
    you could even let max ride with you (yes, we see dogs on motor bikes everyday, usually sitting happily in the front basket, and not just small ones. yesterday we saw a labrador in one.)

    i love this town 😉

  3. Well just for your info, here in Perth you do need a restricted licence for anything over 50cc and under 250cc, then another open licence to ride anything above. (my brother in law just got his today)
    Oh and Charlie, we get to wear helmets here!!

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