Ever Been To State Youth Games?

This is it guys, the party of the year. Come and celebrate 20 years of youth ministry through SYG!
I will be doing a breakdancing demo on the night as a fundariser for childrin with spelling probllems Posted by Picasa


8 thoughts on “Ever Been To State Youth Games?

  1. Every year without fail…I wasn’t invited to state youth games by the other church members..and only found out it was on when it was over….and what a ‘great time’ everyone had.

    State Youth Games..and the elitist sport snobs it creates…can go to buggery.

  2. Just for the record Lance, It was as good as it was made out to be and you do have something to be bitter about… maybe we should have invited you to the dinner dance after it happened!

  3. Frankly, you deserve each other.

    It’s just a shame that the church embraces such an unhealthy and inward-looking culture as the State Youth Games.

  4. well I myself have been to many State Youth Games, and have enjoyed it … sure there has been things there that I haven’t enjoyed … but still ultimately everyone’s experience with SYG is different, so I’m sorry your experience was not a good one.

    The one thing that we can’t write-off is that God didn’t complain when young people have come one step closer to knowing Him during SYG. Sure one event like SYG isn’t going to ‘save’ people, but I’ve seen people come to know Jesus through relationships, that have been developed even more during SYG.

  5. Hey LANCE Just a quick message WE share the same first name and can therefore be mistaken for the same people. I know pb and he thought he was bagging me out. Sorry you copped the wrong side of things. Purely a joke. Lance Jarvo

  6. Sorry Lance! Unfortunately the church makes a lot of mistakes! I’m sorry that your experience of SYG sucks! Keep puttting it out there mate!

  7. I didn’t ‘have an experience’ of state youth games.

    That was the point.

    Over the years, I was in several churches where the sports snobs would invite each other to the games, but those not in the cliques were oblivious, until there was the mandatory what-an-awesome-time-we-had-at-state-youth-games presentation in the church the following week.

    I’m older now, and I realise I didn’t miss anything of any significance, but in my younger days, yes, I was pissed off that churches and youth pastors supported this ‘social sport elite’ structure.

    In the same way that churches and pastors support the ‘worship elite’ structure.

    I’m glad to be out of it all, personally.

    Keep playing your silly (church) games and wanking your willy.

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