Shed Mess and Other Thoughts

Last night I was all in for a relaxing play in the shed. I am building a small cupboard for Christine’s photo scrapbooking albums, custom sized, just to fit CM albums. I had cut and was ready to paste. got the supa strong wood glue, the big clamps and clamped 2 sides together. wiped off excess glue and stood back to admire my work.
Looks great!
Just think I will measure it one more time…oh dear. What was that deal? Measure twice, cut once!
Not only that but my pine T&G was all the wrong way round.
So I begin pulling it all apart…think the glue had set? You betcha! Some of the wood just split, some had to be hit hard with my hammer. The floor was scattered with bits of wood, a hammer, clamps and my sweat…I almost ran from the shed, pulled down the door, had a shower and jumped into bed with Jodi…Picoult that is, the author, well her book, My Sisters Keeper, a good read.
So much for the shed being a place of relaxation and meditation, of developing patience and the old ‘wipe on, wipe off’ style work!!

I have looked at the shed twice today. It’s like I have personified it. It has become an enemy. I hear it calling me, daring me in to have another go, “you wont get this done”, “I will eat you alive”, in fact I think the door shuddered a bit…woops I think I have had too much heat today…maybe I sniffed some of that woodwork glue!


5 thoughts on “Shed Mess and Other Thoughts

  1. just finished reading it.. great book. can’t tell you what i think with out telling you the end. tell us what you think as you go through it.
    luv charlie

  2. My Sisters Keeper – Well, what can I say, I am rivited, especially after studying ethics last year. I think I am on Anna’s side, sure it seems selfish and I am not sure that is what Christ would do, and maybe that is not what I would do either, lay down your life for a friend etc. (Maybe if I was 13 years old I would be jack of people using my body to keep another alive!) But I think Anna has a point about her freedom to choose what happens to her own body. What a dilemma though, her choice is causing the death of her best friend and sister, aghhh where can this go?

  3. if there’s one thing i learnt from that book is that i assume a heck of a lot – sounds like you are too. 😉

  4. True. I am meeting with a guy and his family at the moment. he has Luekaemia and reading this book has given me a whole new perspective just on their family and surrounding issues.

  5. NO WAY!!!! NO WAY!!! What the???? How could this be? I read the book to Subi for breaky on the train, on the way home, and finished it sitting in the Joondalup train station for 20 minutes while tears rolled down my cheeks…a bit embarased I might add! Brilliant, just brilliant!

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