"Rude Finger"

You know the song “Where is pinky? Where is pinky? Here I am. Here I am. how are you today sir? How are you today sir? Very well I thank you very well I thank you, run away, run away” (If you have kids you may know it)
My youngest Sophie (4) is singing this to me tonight when she gets to the ‘middle’ finger. She looks at me, serious as anything, finger pointed like she is giving me ‘the finger’ and sings, “Where is ‘rude finger’? Where is ‘rude finger’? here I am , here I am (out comes the other one, so I now have Sophie giving me the double ‘rude finger’.
I loose it, totally, lost control…she had no idea!


One thought on “"Rude Finger"

  1. Now you precious, impressionable, innocent 4 y/o has a complex that she can’t sing… or that you think her hair looks funny… or that her daddy has gone further ‘round the twist! Don’t ya just love the way 4 y/o children can crack you up. My 4 y/o declared that if he was to go blind… he would need a gardening dog!

    Hope it doesn’t dig.


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