What the heck is going on?
I am a hopeless addict of LOST, and I give in when it comes to understanding what this underground bunker is.
Is it some kind of US human experiment? Are they all being watched on this island? Studied? Are ‘The others’ just other people who have been experimented on over the years who have just lost the plot and escaped or been set free to roam?
Now that the produces have millions of people like me hooked, will they just drag this out until we loose interest before they bring some closure to the show and by then we just wont care, or will they do the right thing by us viewers and wrap the thing up real soon??
I am a sad case, I have LOST screen savers, wallpapers, I follow their websites….well I did a while a go…I went through a bad patch!!
Please tell me your theory…what is under the island and why is it there? Didn’t you see it? There was power, a gym, stereo, health drinks, fresh food…like did he really crack an egg into that blender? A record player??? What the??????????????????????????????


5 thoughts on “LOST

  1. i COULD tell you what it is about, because i am an big watcher myself so i got the series from america 😛
    But you think it is annoying now wait till you learn about the computer!!!!!!!!

  2. AGHHHHHHHH NO WAY, that prompt on the computer, just sits there, John Locke yells don’t touch the computer and there is that guy from the football stadium – ‘brother’!!!
    What’s with the computer…no don’t tell me, yes, no yes, no don’t tell me anything, oh no what have I done I hit ‘execute’ on my computer…

  3. hahaha yer that antique causes more confusion then to why there is a bae under an island int he middle of nowhere!

  4. Shaggy, you are a cruel, cruel man!
    I get very frustrated with LOST.
    It’s a bit like the plot would fill out 2 hours, but they keep jumping around with different tangents to supposedly ‘add detail’ to the characters and then suck you into what’s gonna happen next! Mel has to remove items from around me that I can use to throw at the TV! Maybe I should go over to Shaggy’s house, borrow the series and you and me Scott can sit and watch the whole thing so we aren’t soo frustrated and itching for Thursday Night to come around!
    To answer your questions Scott, I think it’s a relic of the Cold War…a listening post for the US to spy on the Russians. And the defence mechanisms they invented to protect the spies in the bunker have trapped numerous people over the years and they’ve all gone nuts with the strange and elaborate security system (which also includes, I believe, a ‘drugged’ water supply so the survivors, the ‘others’ and the frenchies all start seeing things and turn on each other in confusion! What better way to stay hidden when those up top are too occupied killing and fighting each other to notice what’s actually happening underneath!)
    The link with John Locke might be his age and understanding of covert operations, (which I think he’s studied along with survivor techniques). He actually knows more than he lets on I reckon!

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