3 Months ago a dear lady loaned me a car for work as we have only one car. She loaned it to me for 3 months…meaning she is returning from her holiday in just a couple of days. The car has done me well and I have done it well…until this afternoon.
I was returning from Northam after a catch up with the youth guy out there – benno.
I thought I would duck down Reen rd in Gidgiganup to see if my friend’s Phil and Ange were out working on their new home. Reen is a narrow single sealed rd. Any cars passing in an oncoming kinda way need to remove wheels from the tar and feel a bit of gravel…something nobody told the girl in the oncoming vehical! We met each other on the crest of a hill…I swerved to the side and when I noticed she was not moving over I breaked…skidded, spun my car around 180 degrees at 80kph and hit a small tree and flew backwards into a large boulder.
The bang in the back burst the spare tyre in the boot, the sliding around the road burst 2 others!
The girl was fine and returned to see if I was OK, we swapped names…her name and number are …. NOT TELLING!
Then she took off, leaving me to work out what I was going to do…no mobile coverage, no tyres…Nice bush though, I went for a walk, looked at the bush and returned to my car just as a family pulled into the drive I was parked next to. They turn out to be full on believers…you know like full on! “Jesus was looking after you, this car is ‘covered’, you are blessed” and so on – I have to say, when I saw those trees moving toward me at such a pace and felt the adrenaline after sweving to miss an oncoming car…I think I feel very much looked after…lucky…blessed…happy to be alive. The had a compressor, cold water and a digital camera – all sussed!

You stand there thinking, what if, what if this morning was the last goodbye to the family, in the drivers seat thinking – what if these were my last few seconds on the planet…and then thump the back of the car mounts itself upon a giant boulder and everything stops.
Not major damage, front fender whacked a reflector post on the way round, as you can see the bum got a bump, need a new bumper and spare wheel bay. I think I twisted my back and neck a bit but otherwise all is cool!

Maybe visit Phil another day, yes? Posted by Picasa


3 thoughts on “SMASH!!!

  1. No guarantees hey Scottie. I’m feeling for ya – it’s bad enough when it happens in your own car but I can imagine how you’re feeling about the borrowed one.

    Praise God though that you were looked after.

  2. I think you have been reading the bible for too long scottie, you tell a story the same way I read it in the bible, just a matter of fact, not to much emotion while telling the story but enough to keep the reader engaged so the reader can fill in the blanks with their imagination
    Good to hear you are ok

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