Warriors V Bulls

I have never really had much to say about cricket, I have always been of the opinion these guys really need to get real job, something active to keep them fit. I always used to think they did nothing out there on that oval. Last night I went to the WACA with my Dad and Bro Clint. I have now changed my mind, a lot happens out there! One guys was signing autographs on the boundary, every time someone got a wicket they all run in from all over the oval and slap him on the back (he deserved a drink as well as a slap, look at how far he had to run to bowl, he was a leg spin!). I think they should just yell out from the boundary, “will slap your back when we are closer, that’s a long way to run in, might pul a muscle”. Speaking of muscle pulling, one or two of the fielders did some stretching…no doubt preparing to play some sport later in the evening, after cricket. But it seems quite relaxed out there, they even chat between teams. In fact I noticed at one stage one of the WA boundary fielders chatting with a guy from the QLD team who was wandering around the oval, how gentlemenly!
What of the batsmen? Well it was a one day game, well part of one day (they only play for a few hours), so they slap it around a bit, so you get a few fours and sixes, and you don’t have to run for these ones. In fact often when one of the batsmen went to run the other guy yells at him and says ‘NO’ or ‘STOP’, either for fear he would pull something or that he wants to reserve his energy to play some sport later in the evening, after cricket, as this ‘day/NIGHT’ game was over by 9pm, in time for us to go home and watch “The Island” and for the cricket players to do whatever they like – they would have plenty of energy left for whatever nocturnal enterprises they set their hearts to!
Of course tea was called at some point in the evening, no doubt a big 3 course meal for the players put on under us somewhere in the stadium (we were in the members stand). We had beef burgers and chips. Ran into Mr Parkinson my old deputy principal in the que, he looks old…like 20 years older than when I knew him!

One guy, he was wearing yellow and was having a go at batting smacked the skin off the ball and hit like 3 sixes in a row before one of the burgandy guys, who, I discovered on the night were called Bulls caught him out, amazing it took that long to awaken the Bull, to move over to where the ball kept going, I think he was signing autographs.
I am convinced they don’t even work up a sweat out there as not one of them took his long tracky pants off, it was not that cold!

All in all it was a great night, I took a hiking magazine in case it got too boring, but with the company and the amount of time it took us to work out all the abreviations on the big score board, we never had much of a chance to look at the mag.
It’s not a bad social game for players and spectators, in fact this point was highlighted by the lovely 1/2 time demonstration of ‘backyard cricket’ with a full compliment of Aussie backyard condiments – Hills hoist, bin stumps, BBQ, kids, chicks, mandetory ‘fat bloke’, it was fun!
Thanks Dad for the tickets…and the beef burger!

Oh an apologies to all my friends and readers who love the game, my wife suggested I was un Aussie…it’s a poms game though isn’t it?

When is footy starting?

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6 thoughts on “Warriors V Bulls

  1. hahaha I can’t believe you wrote that! That’s terrible 🙂 So maybe they stand around alot and don’t move so much – but we are the best in the world at standing around alot and not moving very much!

  2. I have to agree with Christine, you are un-australian. I can’t believe that you toook a magazine to the cricket. Shame, shame, shame.
    Karyn came to a game the other week, she really enjoyed it.
    Personally I’m a Test Match snob, so love the idea of playing for five days and not getting a result.
    P.s. If you have “Down UNder” by Bill Bryson, look for the part where he talks about crickect, you’d agree with him!

  3. I have not read Bryson before, but often looked at his books and thought “I wonder if I should…” Is he good? I went to his website but it has nothing about a book called “Down Under” is it published under a different name?

  4. He’s a great author. Ummm, maybe I got the title wrong, it’s the book about Australia. Definately worth a read.

  5. Haha Craig, you have gone one step further than me though by actually going to a game.

    I agree with you on all accounts! My Father and Bro went to the Aus V South Africa game at the GABBA last Sunday. Me? I had a quiet relaxing day at home 😛

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