List of My New Books (See post below)

I thought I would list these books as I like to loan them out, and if you are local, you can drop past and grab one…cheeper than the library…does it cost to borrow books? I’ve never borrowed from a library…hmm if it’s free, then, well how nice!!

But at a library you wouldn’t get a nice coffee and chat with me!! So here’s the list –

Tim Winton – Cloud Street, The Turning, Dirt Music and The Riders
Kingsolver – The Poisonwood Bible
Picoult J- My Sisters Keeper
N.T Wright – Who Was Jesus?
Tofler A- Future Shock
Gray – Men are From Mars Women are From venus
Clinton B – My Life
Harrison – The Third World Tomorrow
Ross D – Violent Democracy
Peck – A Different Drum (Community Making and Peace)
McCourt – Angela’s Ashes
Redfield – The Celestine Prophecy
Morgan – My Place
Suzuki (David) – Good News For a Change (Hope for a troubled Planet)
Berman M – Wandering God, A study in Nomadic Spirituality
Dickens – A Tale of Two Cities
Hughes R – Culture of Complaint
George S – How the Other Half Dies (The Real Reasons Behind World Hunger)
Hersh – Chain of Command (The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib)
Friedman – From Beirut to Jerusalem (A Middle Eastern Odyssey)
Moore T – Care of The Soul
Mitchelle D – Ghostwritten
Klein N – No Logo
Bail – Eucalyptus
Courtney B – Jessica
Facey A – A Fortunate Life
Morrissey D – The Reef

4 thoughts on “List of My New Books (See post below)

  1. Sorry, I didn’t read your previous post. I see you haven’t read any of these books yet. Have you ever read anything by Ted Dekker? He’s my all time favourite fiction author.

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