List of My New Books (See post below)

I thought I would list these books as I like to loan them out, and if you are local, you can drop past and grab one…cheeper than the library…does it cost to borrow books? I’ve never borrowed from a library…hmm if it’s free, then, well how nice!!

But at a library you wouldn’t get a nice coffee and chat with me!! So here’s the list –

Tim Winton – Cloud Street, The Turning, Dirt Music and The Riders
Kingsolver – The Poisonwood Bible
Picoult J- My Sisters Keeper
N.T Wright – Who Was Jesus?
Tofler A- Future Shock
Gray – Men are From Mars Women are From venus
Clinton B – My Life
Harrison – The Third World Tomorrow
Ross D – Violent Democracy
Peck – A Different Drum (Community Making and Peace)
McCourt – Angela’s Ashes
Redfield – The Celestine Prophecy
Morgan – My Place
Suzuki (David) – Good News For a Change (Hope for a troubled Planet)
Berman M – Wandering God, A study in Nomadic Spirituality
Dickens – A Tale of Two Cities
Hughes R – Culture of Complaint
George S – How the Other Half Dies (The Real Reasons Behind World Hunger)
Hersh – Chain of Command (The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib)
Friedman – From Beirut to Jerusalem (A Middle Eastern Odyssey)
Moore T – Care of The Soul
Mitchelle D – Ghostwritten
Klein N – No Logo
Bail – Eucalyptus
Courtney B – Jessica
Facey A – A Fortunate Life
Morrissey D – The Reef


4 thoughts on “List of My New Books (See post below)

  1. Thought you said you hadn’t read any books by Scott Peck yet? Or do you loan books before you’ve read them??

  2. Sorry, I didn’t read your previous post. I see you haven’t read any of these books yet. Have you ever read anything by Ted Dekker? He’s my all time favourite fiction author.

  3. I read the firts line of The Road Less Travelled.

    “Life is difficult”

    I thought ‘Hmmm… not my kind of book” 🙂

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