Coffee Anyone?

If you are a coffee drinker you must pop into Phil Bakers blog to put in your top 5…or 10 coffee pots in Perth…here is my comment of his blog –

I am with D-Cup – Love the work Charles does at Just Espresso, he’s a good man, mixes in some fair trade too. (20 Preston St Como)
But have to say number one is Voyage down on Sorrento beach nextto the as yet untried and recently opened White Salt cafe (wont try it as I am faithful to Micky, Lloyd and the crew at Voyage! Just watch the temp guys…a bit on the cool side sometimes, maybe that cool sea breaze!! They use Fair Trade/organic (tobys Estate)
As with Hamo, Greens is the bomb for coffee.
Brew ha is Post Office mall Subiaco is a killa, I like their coffee and sometime a tea, the best Long Mac in Perth here at brew ha.
Then of course Cafe Cafe comes next
130’s Gives a strong Long Mac, but I too have copped a cold shoulder there.
As with many of the above a good Five Senses goes down nice (Thanks Dean, you do well!) And I think the best place to drink it is Sunsets in Rockingham.
But next door at Betty Blues has just peaked them as being better service!
A tip, an old friend runs “Roasted” down on the strip in Freo, not been yet, but all fair trade, organic – she says it’s the best in Perth…

I buy Tobys Estate for home.


4 thoughts on “Coffee Anyone?

  1. Must aggree to disaggree..
    Charles @ Just Espresso is firstly a great guy and does make great coffee, but on the other hand Cafe Cafe makes great coffee but offers about the worst service in perth..
    Best coffee in perth, Ian Harry @ Delish in floreat forum, roasts his own bean fresh each day

  2. yeah but bergs, when we were on to our 10th free refill at 4am at macca’s beldon, planning trips to the kimberley, it didn’t seem to taste that bad, did it.

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