Back in the Shed

Remember way back when I built a wine rack with Gaz?
Well I may have commented on the fact that I have started another one for Brad B a good mate of mine. In fact I think he is a good mate still, he asked me to build this last February, I purchased the materials in March and finished it tonight!! So I think he may have run out of patience…I have a feeling he is on holidays in Canada, so he wont even know it’s finished.
But after a few months of being in the books for the degree I have missed my cathartic exercise of building ‘stuff’ in the shed. This year I am dubbing “the year of the bed”, as I plan to build us a new bed…once I finish up the chairs I started restoring 13 months ago!! I mainly make stuff for other people as I can’t afford to be making new things for the house all the time, it is fun but it all costs, if I can get someone else to buy the stuff, I will build whatever they want…in time!! But this year it’s my turn again.
I think Arch Hart (one of my heros) calls this kind of thing ‘faceting’. As in adding a multi-faceted dimention to your life. He says that too many of us are ‘one eyed monsters‘ (his words not mine!), that we only know stuff about one or two things and this make us very boring and quite uninteresting in a conversation. I like to think I know a little bit about quite a few things, and a fair bit more about a few other things…if you know what I mean. That’s why I like to read, I get to know stuff, I like to participate in conversations with a wide group of people, it’s not so much that I want to look smart (nice as that feels on the rare occassions it happens) but rather I see it as a way I can respect and honour others – that is, by knowing a little something about what they are interested in…my thoughts for the evening, good night. (I think my Mum taught me this too!)


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