Detoxing From Church

I found an article called Detoxing from Church Life and posted on it some months ago here, but recently otherendup sent me a link that I have only just got to also called Detoxing From Church. A different one this time, one that I felt cool about posting on the Youth Vision blog!

Rob McAlpine (the author) uses an adolescent analogy to shine some light on some of the controversies surrounding styles and expressions of ‘church’ of recent years.The article is wonderfully balanced and seeks to bring peace and understanding between people who think and feel differently about church. In his conclusion he writes the following profound statement –

Perhaps the biggest task for established churches and newer, de-structured communities (house or coffeehouse), and individuals (like me) will be to remember that this is ultimately God’s thing. It’s His Bride we’re talking about here. God is fully aware of the state the Bride is in. He’s more proactive, loving, and desirous of Her being healthy and attractive than any of us are capable of being. The trap we need to avoid is to let this whole (very necessary) process of detoxing from inadequate models of church leadership and church structure to polarize and further divide the very Bride that we’re so longing to see come to maturity and health.

Read full article here


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