Top 5 Lists Honour Board

Well I am now the proud owner of the number one placing on Backyard Missionaries “Top Five Blogs for 2005” Hamo is a great guy, we have a fairly newish friendship, but we have crossed paths for a few years. He and I are on similar pilgrimages(as he said on the post). Only he is a few years ahead…let you in on a secret, I coach him…But what he doesn’t know is that I think I come out from the sessions with more good stuff than he does!! We have a great time, I think that’s what coaching is meant to be about. I have this small business Coaching Specialties, and read a bit and play around a bit with concepts and theories of Coaching, but the bottom line is – Relationship, and I think with some people this just clicks in smooth and it seems easy to a degree (As with Hamo), with others you have to try harder, and still others, well you know!
Now the pressure is on…I think maybe some cash giveaways will keep me up there in 2006, maybe a car, some radical heresy…oh you think I have that already??)()&*%#

By the way – Happy New Year. First Post for 2006!


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