The Reunion

It was the big night last night the 28th. 20 Years since finishing year 12 and there we all were at The Cottesloe Beach Hotel, all 90 of us!
The 80’s music from Keith McDonald blasted us until we were hoarse from shouting over the top of him and we sent him home for an early night and swithced over to my new 80’s CD.
We talked, laughed, joked about old days, old girlfriends…one of which obviously had not changed too much in her opinion of me and called me a name that started with a ‘w’, that I will not mention on my blog because my Mum gave me good Christmas presents and I wouldn’t want to offend her! But seriously, this girl…well never mind! (Maybe it was more about…well maybe she was right, I was not the nicest little high school boy to her!!)
I saw “Fish” (old best mate) and “Matty T”, Ryan, and so many of the old crew. The “barbie dolls” were there in force, still looking like…barbie dolls, they are a great bunch!. Put it this way, one girl didn’t know where she would put the name badge sticker and I was not about to offer my assistance…”I’m a married spud, I’m a married spud!!” (See Toy Story)
One girl and her hubby are running what sounds like a great Fair Trade Cafe in Freo called Roasted. It’s on the main strip, pop in and ask for Jacinta…tell her Scott sent you, she will probably charge you double!
A few had died (accidents, drugs and AIDS), one was in jail, one had 5 kids…and had become a Christian…you would need God with that many kids! Actually a few had a faith in Christ which was great to hear about.
No body got drunk and out of control, which was nice!
On the way to Leederville after the Reunion at about 2am I drove around a police car parked in the middle of the road on Cambridge st…that was a mistake!! The cop came running out like I had just run over a body. No biggy, he had just pushed a car off the road, but accused me of running through a police road block…go figure!!?? I got a $150 buck fine…just FINE!!

All in all it was a brilliant night. Everyone seemed to have a good time and I loved it. They really were a pretty good buch I went school with, we have some great memories (some of which were illustrated on my powerpoint presentation) .
Oh – It is amazing how many had done a google search to find out about who this Scott Vawser guy was after 20 years and what he was up to…my blog comes up number one on the search I think. A few made comments about having read this odd site with my whole life in it!!!

Well if you are from school days, and you were at the reunion – THANKS FOR COMING!!

Photos to follow.


One thought on “The Reunion

  1. Yo, Scott. I found your blog a few days ago on a George Barna (Revolution) search. I’m reading the book now.

    Just did a Scott Vawser search on Google. Your site was in #1 position.

    Dude…I have my 20 year coming up next year. It’s amazing how much people change over the decades. Sorry about the fine last night. Bummer.

    Your coaching business looks very interesting. Cool that you get to work with your bro.

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