A Merry Little Christmas (and baptism!)

We had yet another fantastic Christmas with family. we really are blessed with a fairly easy going family, no tensions of any major significance, everyone gets on like best of friends, in fact I really would count my family as my closest friends. We had lunch at Mum and Dad’s (Santa’s) place, then dinner at Christine’s sister’s house (Anne & Kim).
Then on Boxing day Christine and I baptised Mikaela our (almost) 10 year old down at Watermans beach. A crowd of people gathered who were picked by Mikaela, a small personal kind of gathering at which scriptures were read, words of encouragement were given and prayers were offered to Jesus our King! Mikaela spoke with wonderful clarity about her faith and a favorite scripture and why it was special to her. We ate muffins and drank coffee in the wind (WHAT”S WITH THE WEATHER??)

Back on Xmas day – “The Boys” did some background singing for Santa!

Santa “Christine” got me Thomas Knealy’s book “A Commonwealth of Theives” about the first fleet and all that yummy Aussie history. I got a Petzl head lamp from my Mum and Dad for camping. Also from others I got Matthew Reilly’s new book – Seven Ancient Wonders. I got George Barna’s new book Revolution (What a surprise!!) I read it last night, not bad. I got a weekend away with the 13 of us at Broadwater Bungalows Dunnsborough nex March, I also got (from Christine)…wait for it – an oil burning thingy. I love candles and smelly stuff, call me metro-sexual,

but I love that stuff! I got a fair bit of stuff off the TEAR catalogue, you know “Arguably the worlds Most Useful Gift Catalogue. 50 seedlings for reforrestation, fresh water for some village, School supplies and so on, we utilised this (as well as the Oxfam one) a bit this year with family and friends. I think my sister in law did not quite get it…so you get a picture of the trees and someone else overseas actually gets YOUR gift???
Oh Sophie got A Crazy Crab!

All in all Christmas and Boxing Day were a blast, as I kept saying all day Christmas “This is the best Christmas ever!”


2 thoughts on “A Merry Little Christmas (and baptism!)

  1. What a great christmas! I love families where everyone just loves each other heaps and heaps! That’s what it’s meant to be like I reckon! The TEAR presents are the best and I think that’s great that your family got on board with that! Like they say, you can never have too many seedlings for reforrestation in another country… or something along those lines… 🙂 kez

  2. well i would have to agree with the whole lot. straight to the pool room withn the lot of ya!!

    Brilliant Brilliant!!!

    JUST…… Brilliant!

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