The Fat Lady Sung

I am wiped out.
My neck and shoulders killing me from typing almost 25000 words this week.
My dizziness (vertigo) has not gone.
I have a ripping headache.
I have done no exercise for 2 weeks.
I feel fat.

After 15 years I finished what I traveled to Sydney as a single 21 year old boy to complete, yes, I have completed all the expectations for the Batchelor of Theology Degree. (Pending I pass I will graduate in a ceremony at Subi Church of Christ next May!!

It’s 6.30 on Christmas eve eve, I go now.



10 thoughts on “The Fat Lady Sung

  1. someone’s lying about their age… 😛
    congrats mate, that’s fantastic news! do you feel all theological now? can you tackle deep ecumenical issues with conviction and enthusiam? or do you just want to sleep? peace out brother.

  2. It’s Christmas Eve and I’m spending a little time dropping in on the blogs I regularly read. I wish you a very merry Christmas and I look forward to reading your blog in 2006.

  3. Scotty, I agree with Gav, you don’t look forty. It must be the fact that your still in youth ministry that keeps you young or you use some special eye cream that belongs to Chris! Congrats on completing your degree, I guess your ready for the masters program now, followed by a phd??? Have a great week with the fam, look forward to chillin with ya in 2006!

  4. hey scotty

    I just came across this site, sounds like you’re having fun.

    I like some of the insights I’ve seen at a quick glance, will look at more detail when I get time


  5. You guys all rock! Thanks for the greetings and well wishes. I AM NOT 40!
    35 (ish).
    Off to the movies, then off to my 20 year school reunion today.

  6. this is my theory bro – even though you ARE 38, if we say happy 40th for the next 3 years, then when you do turn 40 you’ll be like, “wow, I’m only 40! still”

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