Bringing You Up To Date On My News

Well, it’s been odd of late, I have not felt motivated to blog, in fact I feel my sync has been out…If you know what I mean.
Here are some bits –
I had a fantastic BBQ with Mikaela’s netball parents, conversation was like well, an evangelists dream! And I did good, I listened, I didn’t preach, I just let the conversation go! My tendency is to present to 4 spiritual laws, ask them all if they died on the way home tonight would they go to heaven!! Aghh it’s hard to shake old culture!
In fact I walked one guy home, he said he had some hiking boots that would fit me. They were brilliant, brand new Zamberlans!!
The next day I wore them all day, they wore a hole in the side of my car accident scar and it has been open the whole week! This has stopped my daily walks, that has caused me to feel ugly all day and out of all routine. To top it off I have developed an old vertigo sickness, every morning for 4 days I have woken up with no balance. I have tried to sleep upright (Sitting, not standing!) and this has worked, no dizziness in the mornings, but I do not sleep much sitting up so now – no walks to freshen me up at 6am and no sleep in the evenings.
Oh by the way the gut still aches…Complaining enough??
Next week I am hiding in the bowels of the Joondalup library to finish about 80 hours of assignments, research and reading for my BTh…Then it’s finished!

I must tell you soon how “The Joondalup Thing” is going…Oh and Deb and Lance are back, some of the crew in The Joondalup Thing have loaned them a nice car to drive for a month, love this community!!
So in short, I am feeling out of sorts, but looking fwd to Christmas


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