The Health of My City

I was part of something new in the City of Joondalup today. It was the Family Health Study Forum. The Dept of Health, UWA and others are going to do a massive ongoing study of individuals and families in our Joondalup area. I volunteered to be a part of a discussion forum for the group to assertain the feel of about 200 people in the community. There were some good speakers, including Dr Fiona Woods – Aussie of the Year. We had a rather ‘chatty’ lady at our table, man did she have some ‘issues’!! But the day was interesting, we got fed, met lots of new people, shared something of my faith journey with the teachers aid from my daughters kindy who sat with me for the day and I felt like I was engaging and contributing to my community in a new way.
Check it all out here.


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