Conspiracy Theory…

I have a theory about my broadband connection.
I am on the basic broadband 256k, yes I get up to 24gig a month download, which is great, thanks iinet!
BUT…it’s an old account, I signed up ages ago and have been using this for a few years.
Since that time broadband has done amazing things…like it can now be up to 45x faster on this new Broadband 2 12000kbps deal!

So here is my theory…’they’ are slowing my 256k down to make me frustrated so I ring up and upgrade to the latest faster modem, with a home phone deal and better access to their new voip iinetphone etc…
Could this be true??

Actually the new deal sounds quite good, I might just check it out….aghhhh it’s working, I am sliding into the abys of consumerism…help me


4 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory…

  1. Interesting, we just bought a new computer so we can do more work from home. One of our frustrations though is that work seams to overprint every part of our lives -go figure!

  2. Hey – you know you could contract Scott form Coaching Specialties to coach you around some of this stuff, it’s an area he loves to work with!
    PS – It’s amazing how much stuff comes up on google when you search The ROck Doctor!!

  3. I see what you mean. Maybe I should change my username to the “proc doctor”, although the study of hemeroids does somewhat scare me.

  4. You need to resist.

    You need to resist lightning fast internet. (There is talk that their 12MB is soon to become 24MB)

    You need to resist the ability to make 10 cent untimed phone calls to any capital city in Australia.

    You must resist all this stuff. It’s evil.

    I’d better stop my comments here. If I write too much, your 256k connection will take too long to download it.

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