Want to Become a Missional Leader?

.becoming a missional leader?
Check out this course Mark O’Brien (Warnbro) is teaching with ACOM next year, it’s just one of heaps of brilliant and creatively taught subjects that ACOM offer…yeah I know, we are a bit ‘off the wall’ and hard to understand at times, we do things differently, we are ‘pracademics’ rather than academics…but in the words of Ben Lee “That’s the way I like it, that’s the way I like it!!
Content of course: lays an unforgettable foundation for spiritual leadership by experiencing God’s love as a formative experience for a capacity to love and lead others, equips in how to lead.
Content Specialist: Keith Farmer & Eddie Gibbs
Subject Outcomes:

  1. Present a broad understanding of the essential nature of God’s love.
  2. Articulate with insight the unique aspects of the nature of leadership in the post-modern church.
  3. Display evidence of critical leadership skills for the post-modern context.
  4. Integrate and critique from experience the dynamics of the established and emerging churches.
  5. Appreciate the centrality of God’s essential nature in the Christian leadership role.
  6. Value an appropriate balance of traditional and contemporary approaches to Christian leadership.

This subject is available for external study.
Hey, call me…0419 892 735 – Scott…yeah, I know this sounds like an ad on the blog – I really want some more students for 06, I love students, I really do!


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