AMUC with ACOM!!

Have you ever heard of AMUC? Do you like the sound of ‘Becoming a Prophets Apprentice’?
This course exposes people to what the bible says about the public dimensions of the gospel (economic, political & social ramifications) not just the private, moral and personal aspects. It encourages students to allow the Spirit’s work of transformation as they experience Christ in broken people. It empowers students to see how their culture may have affected the way they see the gospel by allowing them to view it through the eyes of another culture i.e. the poor’s.  It enables students to make a paradigm shift in thinking about the gospel and how it can transform culture. It facilitates the learning of the first steps of biblical reflection upon action and helps students understand a holistic gospel that knits evangelism with social action and spirituality with social justice. It assists participants in applying this knowledge to their study, vocation or profession and thinking about how they can make a difference in the world.

The unit will be presented as a live-in, grass-roots, face-to-face, show-and-tell, do-it-and-discuss-it introduction to integral mission in practice.  There will be a range of in-depth inputs from people working with groups of marginalized people; and a number of field trips to visit groups working with disadvantaged people on the ground. Most of the time participants will live together in shared accommodation as a team and will be expected to learn how to operate as a team in the process. Assessment will include keeping a journal for reflection on action not only as individuals but also as a team.

This unit and others like it are part of the new creative way of doing ministry training through ACOM. We are plugging in new students for trimester one at the moment, so email me or ring the WA office 08 9313 1600


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