Some More Thoughts From Steve Hinks

[Church] members with creative, radical and ‘left field ideas’ on how to connect with the diversity of people across pagan Australia, need to be encouraged and resourced, once their proposal is carefully considered. Too often I fear, such innovation is not heard by the leadership and dismissed because it is ‘not part of our vision’ or more to the point, not part of the leadership’s plans. The thing about most Christian leaders is that we have become skilled at managing in such a way that there is stability, consistency and order, rather than leading adaptive change. That is both our training and the expectation of us in our churches…

…I propose a season of exploration by churches which are already proven in being innovative – diversify and experiment. No-one is better positioned nor resourced for creative destruction. It will require courage and new skills, such as seeding creative ideas and resourcing innovative mission. It requires a switch of the leaders’ attention from the core to the fields of exploration; it brings with it a familiarity with failure in the interests of learning and growing. It means we direct in a non-directive manner. It will grow effective 21st century churches.

From an Article by Steve Hinks on Peter Druckers thoughts found here.


2 thoughts on “Some More Thoughts From Steve Hinks

  1. I hope this doesn’t sound COMPLETELY science nerdy (but lets face it, I am)… when you were talking of adaptive change I immediately got a picture of the adaptive optics they use in large telescopes.

    Because the atmosphere distorts the light from stars, the mirrors which reflect the light alter their angle ever so slightly 300 times a second so that the image of the star is in focus. Keeping the light in focus by changing with the conditions… now wouldn’t that make for great leadership?

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