New Book – Gibbs.

Here’s a review of a new book that might be worth getting in the new year – the definition it states for emerging churches (communities) seems close to the core of our heart. I managed to spend some time with Eddie at a lunch in Melbourne in Sept, he was in Australia with ACOM. Teaching in our Post Grad classes, he loves ACOM and the direction we are taking theological and ministry training. It’s great to have people who actually know what they are talking about give you a compliment when you are out on a limb…I prefer to call that limb a ‘cutting edge’ myself!

“from listening to the voices from below Eddie and Ryan offer the following definition of emerging church:

emerging churches are communities that practice the way of Jesus in post-modern cultures and they identify nine practices of emerging churches – emerging churches 1) identify with the life of Jesus 2) transform the secular realm 3) live highly communal lives. Because of these they 4) welcome the stranger 5) serve with generosity 6) participate as producers 7) create as created beings 8) lead as a body 9) take part in spiritual activities.”


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