What Does ‘Mission’ Mean?

This is just a final reminder of what I hope will be a great Forge WA ‘Postcards’ night this Friday. As you may know, John Jensen will be sharing around the question “What Does ‘Mission’ Mean?”. He’ll unpack a few of the issues associated with the word “mission” and some of his learnings.

Here are the details again:

Date: Fri Nov 25th

Venue: Warehouse Café – Onslow Rd Shenton Park

Time: 7.30pm

Cost: Offering – We’re not charging an ‘entry fee’ but will take an offering to directly support John’s work in Melbourne. There will also be coffees and cakes on sale.

If you want more details, get in touch on this email:suno@wa.su.org.au


2 thoughts on “What Does ‘Mission’ Mean?

  1. first and foremost it means speaking in a language that others can understand or posting in a colour that others can read!!!:)

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