Pathway – Journeying in Spirituality with Friends

A great friend and collegue of mine is part of a group they call Pathway, it has been one of my inspirations over the last 2 years in starting our little Joondalup Thing, here is a description he just sent through to me –

Pathway is an informal community consisting of people who are journeying together in their exploration of spirituality and God. It is an open community where all are able to express their understandings and raise questions, and it seeks to respect the differing views of those who participate. At the same time, the discussions take place in the context of Christian beliefs and values, although individuals do not have to hold these beliefs or values to participate.

The primary focus our time together is the exploration of what it means to live a life that is connected to God. How does such a connection influence and affect our value systems, our actions and our thinking. No area of life is “out of bounds” in our conversations, and each discussion is grounded in the life experiences of those who share in the gatherings. We do not view ourselves as having all the answers, but we are willing to examine and explore answers in an attempt to find the best ones for our world and for us individually. We are not seeking to gather people to us, but to empower and support people to live their lives well within the communities of which they are a part.

Pathway originated in Brisbane, Australia and sees itself as part of a broader, informal movement of people wanting to ask questions and seriously consider issues of spirituality, God and personal growth. We seek to practice grace, acceptance, and compassion in daily living, yet recognize our own need for grace, acceptance and compassion as individuals living in a broken world.


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