War of the Worlds

What a loud night! We had the projector set up in the top room at M&T’s house, Dave Illi came too. The thing was soooo loud that when them tripod things started killing everyone and honking their horns it shook the room.
Tom Cruise was … ok, the little kids did well, Tim Robins freaked me out!
The things all died from Bali Belly so you don’t need to see it now, in fact if you do see it, do yourself a big favour and walk out just before the end. I mean it, just after the tripod crashes and the alien opens the trap door and his hand drops out…yeah, walk out, turn it off just there!
NO…DO NOT WATCH FURTHER – it is one of the worst Hollywood endings ever!


2 thoughts on “War of the Worlds

  1. YES! There was so much potential for a fantastic twist and ending, but it turns out to be the biggest let down in MOVIE HISTORY!!!

  2. Totally agree with you Scottie. I actually left the cinema (yes I paid top dollar to see it) feeling ripped off. It was like the director had something else better to do and had to finish it up quick and get out of there. Very average.

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