Nothing to Type, Lots to Say

Can’t be bothered today, been struggling with a cold, sore throat etc, feeling a bit off.
Lots to say – Here’s what I could type about (I will, not now though)
– New song I downloaded – love it – Sting, Desert Rose, older song but HOT!
– New ‘Group’ launced Friday night, the start of a new missionary venture into the burbs of Joondalup!
– COCWA, Council Meeting all day yesterday…that’s all to say on that one!
– Waterslides last night for Whitford volunteers. Good night, cold, great for someone struggling with a cold hey! Good chat with Karen Wilson.
– Uncle Ian died last night. Lukaemia. 8pm. Ian Stewart, been around the COCWA traps for many years, basketball, Wembley Downs CofC, my Uncle and friend, contriversial, loved a good fight/debate, loved reading wide…and much, smart guy. Pray for Brett Rene and Ians wife Faye.
– Planning hiking trips for next 3 years last week…good to dream!


3 thoughts on “Nothing to Type, Lots to Say

  1. that Sting song is a pretty cool song… not quite as good as Guy Sebastian but hey, they can’t all be that good or we’d be on good-music-overload. 🙂 kezza

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