Playing With iTunes on a Home Network

I have 3 computers connected to the internet at home. (Wireless)

1) An old Apple G4 Titanium, lappy. Wireless. The CD drive is stuffed and the screen has snappped off, but the wires still feed into it so you can see it. I have it connected to an amp in the lounge room, laying flat in a cabinet. It is now my primary music source. It has a couple of thousand songs on it…but I can not put any more on as the CD drive is stuffed.

2) Christines computer, a new desktop, flat screen monitor. I have downloaded a few tracks off iTunes store. (Tonight I grabbed Stings Desert Rose – man I love that song!)

3) My work laptop, a wireless fella. Lots of music on here that is not on either of the other 2.

Well did I get smart and discover with iTunes I can have on each computer the complete songlists of what is on the other 2 computers (up to 5 computers!) over the in house wireless network. I just ticked the box, adjusted my firewalls on both laptops and bang, I can now play all the songs I have been playing off Christine’s computer on her little speakers through my Apple connected to the stereo … big speakers in the lounge!!

Thank you Apple god…can you say that?…I did put a lower case ‘g’? Will I still go to heaven?


3 thoughts on “Playing With iTunes on a Home Network

  1. Apple computers clearly evil. Just look at the symbol… celebrating Adam and Eve’s first sin… taking a bite out of the apple!!!


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