Last Weeks Secret

Oh by the way, the secret that I was working on that I referred to last week here on the blog was a gift that a heap of us bought for Matty B! He had heaps of stuff pinched, all his music collection and CD player and the works. So we all put in and bought him an iPod and music and stuff. It was so much fun, especially when he started asking questions about what I had written on the blog, I acted all vague like I had no recollection of what I had been writing about, he expected that from me and was trying to help me remember what surprise I was working on…my vagueness works in my advantage sometimes!
Anyway, he loved it, and we all loved blessing him with some gifts, he blesses so many people so much of the time he deserves a bit back now and again!
Here’s to the otherendup!


One thought on “Last Weeks Secret

  1. our group of friends’ generosity was absolutely overwhelming. thanks again scotty (i look fwd to using it soon 😉

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