Hiking on the Bibbulmun Track

Last weekend ‘the boys’ (My brother Clint and Bro-in-law Scotty and I) took our kids (minus the little ones) out hiking over night. We all get on so well, the kids too, they are all like best of friends. We hiked from the Mundaring Wier into the first hut on the track, only a short walk of just over an hour. We staying in one of the park huts. They are a basic 3 walled shack with a water tank, wooden planks for bunks, some tables and a fire place outside. There was another couple of families doing the same thing (first overnight hike with their kids) so we all became good friends…well you had to really, it was pretty close in those beds! I mean we had 4 people in our bed! Not much sleep was had over night. Every time a kid moved, woke up, wanted a wee, a drink -whatever, well, everyone woke up. So I think there was about 1 – 2 hours sleep had by me! Dylan fell on the way in and scratched his nose, then fell on the way out and split his head…lucky I had updated the first aid kit the day before! Conversation around the fireplace was very rich with issues of church and spirituality openly chatted about. Some of the people we met had come from Catholic backgrounds, other very liberal Presbeterian background. None of them at all interested in church, but very keen to discuss the teachings of Christ, ethics, environment, community, consumerism and so on – love meeting new people. People fascinate me!!
Anyway enjoy just a tast of some of the many photos taken. Posted by Picasa


2 thoughts on “Hiking on the Bibbulmun Track

  1. i’ll make a comment since no one else has. it was terrific to get out into the nature strip and have great fun with the kids and family. it doesn’t get much better than this!!!!!

    spontaneous hiking i’m for it !!! should do more of it, in fact we will next year i’m sure.


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