Blogging: are we too focussed on structure?

I was on the WildOnes blog today, a great blog that is the intersection of about 6 different peoples blogged lives. Most, if not all of these guys you would have heard of and even met at times, depending on where you hang out, but Mike makes some great and challenging points about blogging and debate here on his post.

By Rivertribemike from Melbourne.
I’ve been concerned in my interactions lately in the blogging community that we are busily setting up an idol in debating structure rather than what i would see as a blogging ideal: that we inform our actions. Really, I’m seriously considering quitting blogging because I find that too often we seem to get distracted by informational covetousness and nit-picking each other’s paradigms rather than encouraging a community that critically analyses and informs our practise. Are we being dragged into an ever-increasing vortex of distracting cyber-debate that does little other than add to the noise level and distract us from the practise of living?
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One thought on “Blogging: are we too focussed on structure?

  1. good call Vawz – i read mike’s post a couple of weeks ago and his sentiments rang true at a couple of different levels.

    i find the blogosphere as my choice of “news” watching. instead of reading the papers and watching the news on tv, i spend some time each day perusing through a select group of bloggers.

    Most of these blogs are run by either personal friends, or by practioners/thinkers that not only stimulate my thought process and challenge my theology, but who are all active practicioners in the context of localised mission.

    like reading the newspaper, there is also a forum on the blogosphere to engage in debate – kind of like the editorial columns – but most people don’t get involved there, they simply read today’s news and move on.

    i find myself limiting my engagement on blogs to those written by personal friends, as it is more than likely that the blog will just be one side of a multi-faceted relationship.

    anyway – that’s my take on it.


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