Trying to Be A "Hinge Leader"

Often I find I am walking a fine line between ‘sticking up for’ the traditional mode of ‘doing church’ and challenging people to looking beyond that model to a new fresh and maybe even more culturally relevant way/s of ‘doing/being church’.
Alan Jamison from NZ has written a book called “The Churchless Faith” which I have not read as yet but looks great.
Recently on a blog he has posted an interesting analogy regarding this tension between new and old.
Have a read.


4 thoughts on “Trying to Be A "Hinge Leader"

  1. Your first line of the post doesn’t sound like you stick up for the traditional way of “doing church” at all. :]

  2. hey bergs, Just out of interest from your comment where do you sit in reguards to the traditional way of “doing church”?

  3. It’s a good question Bergs, great observation oh wise one!
    You see I do believe that our resources are better spent on less ‘consumer driven’ models of ‘doing church’. I think there are many things in terms of discipleship, our primary calling, that a smaller less structured model of ministry can achieve better. Also the barrier that structured church meetings in buildings have to the general Aussie needs to be looked at too. Having said that, I think there is an argument for all that can be achieved by the resources and ‘strength’ of a large organised church…I’m just not sure I could win that argument if I tried to argue on that side of the fence as I think I am not so convinced it’s a good argument.

  4. Where do i sit in regaurds to the traditional way of “doing church”???

    I guess it depends on what the traditional church is doing? I have had such a massive shift in my own thinking about ministry and leadership in the last 9 months, too big for a blog post, but more then happy to discuss if you like…

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