6 Hours at the Airport

Sitting here at Sydney Airport about to login to the Telstra Wireless network that floats ‘around’ the terminal when I remembered about this MS Word blogging programme I downloaded. So I can go to Word, blog away then once I have finished blogging I then go on line and upload all the stuff I have written, that way I only have to pay for the $5 15 minute option then upload, play for a few minutes, read my email and then get disconnected. Better that than just staying on line blogging for ages and paying for every minute. Having said that, it’s only $11 for 45 minutes…or I could go and sign up for a Qantas club membership for a million bucks and use theirs for free!!
After all that…my battery may not last and I could only get 10 minutes computer time anyway!

You know what I love? I love airport bookshops. I am not sure why I like these above any other book shop. I think they have smart buyers. They have limited space and a short window of time for most of their customers to buy in. (They are all running to catch a plane). So in order to get a sale I think they manage to have a good broad selection of topics but only the best of the best in each topic.
I want to Buy Thomas Knealy’s new book “A Commonwealth of Thieves – The Sydney Experiment” All about Captain Arthur Phillip and the first fleet, I love early Australian history and this guy is a champ. I have seen him on TV a few times and heard an interview with him on radio national last week. (Thomas, not Arthur!)
I could go on, there were a few other good looking books in the shop, one on an answer to our environmental crisis called “A Big Fix…” no I can’t remember what it was called!. It’s an Aussie book with contribution from Clive Hammilton’s first book Growth Fetish and a few other great Aussie sources. Another book that looked good, again another Aussie book was called “I Believe This” or something of the like. The author interviewed 100 Aussies about what it is that they believe in, lots of great looking responses in there…

In the end I bought nothing…just a dozen Krispy Kreame doughnuts – to take back home with me tonight. I think they are a bit squashed already but…they get more squashed once you start to chew on them!

I have been in Sydney for just a quick series of meetings with some of the ACOM staff. Particularly to meet Steve Hinks the new Principal. He is a guy with his head screwed on the right way! I think he is perfect for where ACOM need to go from here. He is well networked around Australia, he is open when it comes to playing with new models of ‘doing church’ yet not will to suggest that all the old/current ways are obsolete. He LOVES to pray which gives to me a real sense that we are in good hands in terms of the college’s leadership. All in all I think ACOM are in good hands.


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