Enoch, The Sword Man, The Sad Conclusion.

Well it is with sadness that I bring you the second part of the story of Enoch the man who stormed the pulpit at Church in Kalgoorlie last Sunday.
After running from the building before the police arrived it is ‘alleged’ that he went and murdered his mother and killed his dog. He is now being held in custody. It was on the news last night.
It got me wondering. Should we have done more? Should we have held him? (Is that legal?) Should someone have followed him? We had one of the pastors give a vague reference to the police of where he thought he lived, but that turned out not to be right and the police did not come back for further clarification, obviously doing their own investigation.
The mentally ill, form a part of our community that mystifies me. It would be such a tough area to minister into. You never know, they are so up and down, here one day not the next, but it pains me. They are so needy.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing. But it never hurts to wonder what we could have done different, if anything.
I know that it’s not just this guys friends and family that would be hurting. There are people in leadership at the church that are wondering about their role in all this drama, “Could I have done more” etc.
My prayer is for us all as we minister ‘to the the least of these’ that we would have the wisdom and discernment of Christ as we love and work with them.


2 thoughts on “Enoch, The Sword Man, The Sad Conclusion.

  1. yeah pretty sad – i just spoke to one of the members of the church who confirmed the story – he says ‘Enoch’ just walked in, put his bible on the alter and started to preach while holding a massive sword. then was walked out of church, and while trying to talk to him he just took off. we know the rest of the story – very sad, but not much more you can do in this case i guess.

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