Sword Wielding Man In Church

NO WAY!! This guy runs down the isle in church during communion carrying a giant sword…like Braveheart.
I think to myself that this must be some kind of drama, you know, sword of the Spirit stuff.
Larry the senior pastor looked at him, looked at Ron one of the elders and stormed the guy who by this time had slapped his sword onto the pulpit, opened his bible and announced to the church “My name is Enoch”
He began to speak but Larry calls out, turn the music up!
They dragged him out kicking and screeming into the foyer where they beat the crap out of ….oh no, where they held him until the police came.
I love Kalgoorlie!


4 thoughts on “Sword Wielding Man In Church

  1. hahaha man that’s insane!! I wish something like that would happen at my church… where have the braveheart days gone?

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