Tips For Fellow Bloggers

Tips For Fellow Bloggers
Here are 7 tips that appear in the article in “In The Black” all about corporate blogging, might be relevant to you.

  1. Get approval before embarking on a blog at work.
  2. You have to have something to say. Brochure copy will be ignored.
  3. The best blogs are updated frequently so are more immediate.
  4. The more you blog the more people will visit.
  5. Don’t blog about anything confidential. It is usually wise to steer clear of clients.
  6. Avoid slagging off competitors or making negative comments about other companies.
  7. Have fun!

Man, maybe some of us Christians should have read this worldly wisdom before sticking the knife in to some of our own ‘competitors’ and ‘other companies’. Dam shame when you have to learn Godly wisdom from outside his church hey? Humbling, yes?


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