My Compost Heap…

Yeah I know you all think I am full of …crap (can you say crap Mum?)
But I have just moved my ‘trial’ compost heap to one side to begin heap number 2.
Number one has been deemed a success by…well by me actually. But I base this poinion on my organic gardening book.
It has many big earthworms moving through it, it is moist and it is warm. The breakdown of my organic matterial (as well as tissues and some non gloss paper) all break down very quickly.
So I want to use this on my garden now. I need to let the last few loads of vegies and lawn clipping break down and then it’s onto the garden!
The new heap is one lunchbox full of last nights scraps, looks small, but I never despise the day of small beginings!
I also have a worm farm that consumes a fair bit of my scraps so the heap does not get all the stuff. The worm farm (one of those black multi-level things you can get from Bunnings) has only been going for as long as the compost heap, which is the overflow from the farm, they don’t eat that fast! This farm is ready to go onto level two, so I am very excited about this, it’s kinda like giving birth to … nahhh maybe not that excited, but it shows that things are working.

I was reflecting about just how much rubbish was overflowing from bins as I walked my dog in the wee hours of the morning.
We sure throw out a heap of stuff!
I want to buy less, eat less, throw out less, spend less, travel for work less, use less…you know reduce my ‘footprint’ and LIVE MORE!

Plodding along…


2 thoughts on “My Compost Heap…

  1. You know what’s really good for compost heaps? Rabbit poo. And since we’ve had rabbits and their consequential poo for the last 15 years, our garden is flourishing. So here’s the pitch: you TOO can have FREE rabbit poo for your compost, the only catch is that you have to collect it yourself. And by ‘collect yourself’ I mean you have to come and remove it from their cages. Does this sound like a blatent ploy to get other people to clean my rabbit cages? Possibly, but I swear I’m doing this for the good of gardens out there everywhere… really.
    The other option is that you can have the poo for free as long as you take a rabbit home with you…too many rabbits, not enough cages.. :S
    kezza. the mad one.

  2. Impressive Mr Vawser. One minute he’s asking azalea questions the next he’s intrepidly going where few endeavour to go. I’d take my hat off to you except you’d probably compost it.

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