Old Girlfriends

Well, what an interesting encounter. Last week I met with Barry R from CofC WA (good bloke), and while there I ran into some old friends from school days. One of the was Katrina, an old flame. We agreed to catch up for coffee today.

What a great time we had reflecting on the old days. Sure, there was some not so nice times when you are a teen, but 20 years on they seem not so bad. We talked about old friends, teachers, music, fashion, dating, breaking up, getting back together again…breaking up again and so on!
Funny thing was, when you run into a person like that after 20 years, where do you start talking about “what have you been up to lately?” I mean lately is 20 years of ‘lately’! So you spend most of your time in the distant past memories.
She reflected on my life with an interesting angle.
I had a car accident in year 11, she said, “That changed you so much, you were never the same after that. I mean in a good way kinda. It like grew you up. You seemed like you had lived more than all of us. Suddenly your spirituality, your faith, was more to you than just this thing you always did on the weekends.”
This girl is no follower of Christ! I had no idea this is what people saw as a result of that accident. How odd that people actually noticed these things. I didn’t! I mean I know it was a major accident and all, but you kind of get up out of bed (after 3 months!) and get on with it again…so I thought.

We talked deeper about some spirituality and growing up, we talked a bit about my thoughts on Christ and the church, I shared photos of my beautiful family and she had photos of her recent marriage.
Strange, life I mean. You know? Time and all.
Happy? Very!
Ever wonder about those ‘sliding doors’? What if? If I had chosen different.
I don’t mean just in relation to dating and marriage but the whole of life. One decision 20 years ago may well have put me in a very different place to the one I am in today.

I like the one I am in today – a lot!

Hey did I mention I am running my 20 year school reunion on the 28th Dec.
So if you know anyone from Churchlands high who started in 1981 grad 1985, tell them to contact me!


4 thoughts on “Old Girlfriends

  1. Sorry – I can’t think of anyone who was at Churchlands at that time. I’d already gone before you got there. I was there from ’76 – ’78.

  2. sounds like you and hamo should go get a coffee and remember the good ol’ days together – he’s walking down memory lane at the moment on his blog too.

  3. I’m with Middo – 20 years is HEAPS! (… especially when you ARE 20 years old blah blah).. If you went to high school in 1981 (I wasn’t even born then!) and finished in 1985 and it was 20 years ago…that would make you…*frantically trying to do maths* … 20 years older than you were when you graduated 🙂

    my head hurts, time to lie down from that strenuous activity. kez.

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