Can You ‘Market’ Jesus Without Church?

“We have a culture that’s looking for answers,” says Chant. And if the church isn’t the answer, he hopes Jesus will be.

Wow, now there’s a statement!
It is one of the closing lines in an article that appeared in the Australian newspaper.
The Bible Society has contracted a big marketing agency and spent a lot of money researching us Aussies as to what appeals when it comes to Jesus, religion, church and so on…it turns out (no surprises here) that the average Aussie thinks going to church is as exciting as attending an AA meeting, religion holds no interest, but Jesus…Jesus seems to grab their attention.
So a nation wide advertising campain has been launched, it started in SA with many local churches signing up to help out. (Not Southside and Paradise though, they felt it was not churchified enough)
I’m not sure about an advertising campain, I havn’t seen it, so I hold judgement on it. But what I am fascinated by is the research, which proves much of what I have been feeling and reading about over the last few years…that most people in Australia really don’t give a ‘rats’ about going to church, but Jesus, now that’s another story.
Maybe our theology of what ‘church’ actually is (or should I say ‘who church actually are’?) needs a good review!
Full article here.


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