The Tithe

Ever had those long conversations about the church and your dollar? Am I getting my money’s worth? – ONLY JOKING!
I mean tithing, you know, is it biblical? Is it New testamant church practice? Should it all go to running the church and my offerings above my tithe should be for mission? Where should thepastors wage come from?
Well Phil Baker has some great stuff on his blog from Allan Myer.
Have a read


2 thoughts on “The Tithe

  1. Hey Vaws, you know stuff…
    I was reading what Allan Myer wrote and remember what I’ve been taught and heard from the church… where does the figure of 10% come from? And didn’t it used to be something like 23% back in the OT days?
    I am blonde and confused 😀

  2. I think the 10% argument goes back to Melchizadech being given 10% of Abrahams stuff…pre the giving of the Law.

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